Happy Holidays Joiya family!

We have nearly reached the end of 2020 and I think most of us will agree that it is time to put last year in the past and look optimistically towards a new year, new beginnings, and getting back to “real life”.   I will tell you however,  it’s been incredibly challenging to keep the same mindset this holiday season that I have had every year past.  As a mother, I feel the pressure to go above and beyond to make this holiday not just feel different,  but be the most incredible experience ever.  Sure I will keep all of our family traditions like a big Christmas Eve dinner, list Grandparents read “Twas a Night Before Christmas (via Zoom this year) and, allow each daughter to open one present which is always a gaudy pair of pajamas I force them to wear the next morning.  

Despite my best efforts to make it “normal”, this year is different and I can’t pretend it’s not.  So, I have decided to introduce a brand new tradition that can stay or go but if we love it, it will be remembered as the 2020 tradition.  Will you join me?  Let’s each plan our own “new tradition” this season.  It doesn’t matter if it becomes a new tradition or not, as long as it is unique, memorable, and perhaps, an experience that is talked about for many years to come. To help you (and me), I did some research and spoke to a group of my friends and have a list to help you with this new “tradition”.    

  • Find an unorthodox wrapping method – lots of really thick paper that cover the box and wrap many little gifts inside.  AND, use lots and lots of heavy-duty tape. 
  • Freeze a gift in a block of ice and make the recipient chip their present out of the ice or put the gift in a jello mold and have them enjoy getting to it.
  • Regift a present from last year for each family member – wrap it up and when they open it and act confused, just play along as if it is genuine and real.
  • Hold a family Olympics or a Holiday song karaoke contest that is videotaped with the loser’s performance being posted to Facebook (of course, it will be one of the kids!) 
  • For those families that are separated hold a virtual Holiday party with singing, sharing stories, and celebrating gratitude!
  • Or, of course, Chris’ suggestion – every member must dress up and spend the entire day speaking and acting like their favorite Disney character.  

Let’s get creative and make this holiday season the most memorable and JOI-FULL ever.  It doesn’t cost anything to create new traditions and the lasting impact on your family and friends will be invaluable.  

You know, WE ALL NEED IT!  And, I would love nothing more than for each of you to share your new holiday tradition on our social media channels.  I want everyone to get to know you, your (new) traditions, and how nothing can stop you from discovering, experiencing, and sharing JOI!

Happy Holidays and thank you for being part of our Joiya community,