Benefits of Using CBD to Relieve Menopausal Symptoms

CBD can have an effect on many different symptoms of menopause, such as joint pain, mood swings, depression, sleep disturbances, and more. 
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Joiya Ambassador Profile: Rose May

In celebration of Black History month, we asked one of our amazing Ambassadors, Rose May, to share her journey with us.   As a full-time Insurance...
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4 Things To Consider When Buying CBD Products

With so many CBD products out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to decide which one works best for you. 
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4 CBD Infused Drink Recipes To Try During Quarantine

With the majority of our favorite restaurants and go-to eateries being closed, there’s no question that we’ve all had to get a little more creative...
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5 Ways To Practice Self-Care That Aren’t Bubble Baths and Face Masks

When you hear the words “self care,” it’s hard not to picture yourself putting on a face mask, pouring a glass of wine, and cozying up on the couch...
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10 Simple Ways To Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Daily Routine

Gratitude. It doesn’t always come easily, but with the right combination of dedication and motivation, it can ultimately become a life-changing ha...
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