5 Ways To Practice Self-Care That Aren’t Bubble Baths and Face Masks

  • by Deanna Brown
5 Ways To Practice Self-Care That Aren’t Bubble Baths and Face Masks

When you hear the words “self care,” it’s hard not to picture yourself putting on a face mask, pouring a glass of wine, and cozying up on the couch with your favorite show. The reality is that self-care isn’t always about pampering yourself in these aesthetically-pleasing, glamorous ways. 

Sometimes it’s about that extra five minutes in the morning to enjoy your cup of coffee before anyone else is awake. Other times it’s about getting to work early to plan out your day before being bombarded with questions from your co-workers. 

Here are 5 ways to take care of yourself that don’t require taking a trip to your local LUSH store. 

  1. Fill up your water bottle at least 3 times a day.

Staying hydrated sounds like the simplest thing, but you’d be surprised to know that nearly 80% of working Americans say they don’t drink enough water. Having a water bottle with you at all times will help serve as a friendly reminder. Do yourself a favor and get in your daily intake to keep that pretty face of yours glowing.

  1. Take a moment to be one with nature.

Whether that means going out on a hike or visiting your local park, it’s important to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Once you get a moment to yourself, sit down wherever you are, close your eyes, and practice deep breathing. Forget about what you have to get done that day, or maybe even that week, and relax. Breathe in, breathe out, and trust that everything will get done. 

  1. Start a gratitude journal.

When life is moving at 90 miles a minute, it can be easy to forget all of the wonderful things we already have right in front of us. When you’re faced with an unexpected situation that suddenly flips your entire day upside down, it can be even harder to see the positive. We may not be able to control everything that happens to us, but we can certainly control our reaction. At the end of the day, no matter what’s happened, write down 3 things you’re grateful for that happened that day.

  1. Let all of that stress out with a workout.

Stop making excuses and get your butt to the gym — or maybe doing an at-home workout or trying a new yoga studio on ClassPass is more your speed. Whatever the case, it’s important to make time to let out all of that pent-up negative energy. Every minute counts, so get up and get moving. 

  1. Pay attention to your posture.

This one may sound sort of silly, but maybe that back pain you always complain about isn’t just because you’re “getting older.” We’re not saying fixing your posture will immediately help heal all of your sore spots (you might want to consult a chiropractor for that one), but it can certainly make a small difference — especially if you’re working a 9-5 and constantly find yourself hunched over your desk.


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