Thank You for All You Do


Joiya is pleased to recognize the selfless efforts of our everyday heroes by
offering 15% off every purchase to our active duty and retired military members, first responders, healthcare professionals, and teachers. As children and siblings to those that serve the needs of our communities, we are so thankful for all that these brave women and men do to protect our freedoms, keep us healthy, and prepare our next generation of leaders.

In Partnership with ID.me

ID.me is the most trusted verification platform for our everyday heroes. By verifying your service through ID.me, verified professionals are entitled to discounts to thousands of retailers and service providers.

  • ID.me provides multiple, secure ways of verifying your first responder status.

  • Firefighters and EMTs can input information such as their agencies, certification dates, or registry information to instantly verify their group statuses. ID.me checks this information against federal and state databases.

  • Law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs can upload images of documentation of their group statuses. The ID.me team reviews document uploads within 60 seconds at a secure U.S.-based facility.


Enjoy discounts on all of your favorite Joiya products by verifying your service with ID.me. Simply click the button below to access the ID.me secure platform.

Get Verified

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my status?

First, you will need to verify your status as a member of the US Military (active duty, reserves, or retired), healthcare professional, first responder, or teacher by clicking the "Get Verified" button above and registering at ID.me. Once verified, you will set up an account and your discount will be automatically applied each time you purchase at www.Joiya.life.

What if I am already a verified member of ID.me?

When you click on the "Get Verified" button above, you will have the option to LOG IN to your existing ID.me account. Once you log in, then your discount will automatically be applied to your cart at check out.

How do I activate my account when my products are in the cart?

When you view your cart, simply look for the Verify with ID.me button and click it. This will launch a small window and provide you with the option to register for a new ID.me account or log in to an existing one.

Is having an account with ID.me required to receive the discount?

Yes. To ensure that we recognize all of the outstanding women and men that serve our communities, we must verify every person seeking the discount. If you have problems registering, please contact support@joiya.life for help.

Can I combine my Everyday Hero discount with other offers or discounts?

Sorry, but no. This discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer unless authorized by Joiya. From time to time however, Joiya may increase the discount or combine it with another offer to recognize special dates or holidays.


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