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Life is stressful and we all have our own way to deal. Joiya believes products made with cannabinoids can play an integral role in establishing emotional and physical well-being. We're passionate about helping you find relief from symptoms such as sleeplessness, pain, and anxiety because let's be honest, when you feel your best, you are the best version of yourself.

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I love this company and their incredible products. My son is finally able to rest and feel himself."

Addy P., Birmingham, AL

Flex + has made me virtually pain-free!I feel 15 years younger."

Daria D., Cary, NC

I take Pillow Mint every night and I now get a full night of rest. It's amazing!

Danielle S., Riverside, CA

Joiya has the best tasting tinctures. My fav is Mint Chocolate Bliss.It's like a dessert!

Wendy R., Lakeland, FL

I take Flex every day and now I am back to playing golf 3 times a week. It is the best.

Erna R., Dothan, AL

We are a Joi Jellies family.They are the perfect combination of goodness and my kids love them.

Katrina W., Findlay, OH

I can't live without illume. It totally balances me through my hormonal changes.

Samantha C., Joplin, MO

The De-Stress spray is in my purse. Whenever I need to feel calm, I take it and feel it working within minutes. I love it!

Jenn L., Beatrice, NE

I've lost 9 pounds in one month on Slim-V and I feel amazing. Cravings have stopped and I have so much energy.

Gwen P., Chandler, AZ

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Joiya was founded on a purpose-driven set of values that lead our every reason, our every decision, and our every day. By living these values, we believe that it aligns our people, partners, and customers under a common set of operating principles that create better products, better experiences, and better outcomes for everyone.

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