Your Life, Your Plan.

Join the Journey to the True You

Taking control of your life and schedule has never been more important. It’s not only good for your harmony, it’s good for your health. Explore the Joiya opportunity, potential, and limitless rewards that our Wellness Advisors enjoy as they build a lifestyle that is truly theirs.

Income Potential

With unprecedented growth of the CBD industry expected, Joiya is a perfect option for those seeking to replace or supplement their income. With 10 ways to earn, Joiya is the choice for you.

Ultimate Side Hustle

Whether seeking a full-time position or part-time opportunity, Joiya has a role for you.  With tools and resources in place, it’s simple to create the opportunity that meets your personal schedule & needs.

Share the Joi

 Joiya Wellness Advisors support their communities through enrichment, guidance, and inspiration resulting in happier and healthier lifestyles that personify the Joiya mission.

Truly a Place for You

Science proves that happier people are healthy and live longer.  Free yourself of the stress and anxiety that comes from not controlling your day, your month, and your future.  By redirecting your passion and energy into yourself, you will unlock a whole new level of potential that will create the future you not only want, but you deserve.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by our Wellness Advisors include:  

Sharing the Joi

Joiya is super proud of its Wellness Advisors and the incredible impact their passion and commitment is making on communities across the country.

Meet Ginny

Joiya incorporates all the things I love: wellness, community, mindful living, an incredible vibe + results-driven & thoughtful CBD products.⁣⁣ It’s such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by an inspiring group of people that are committed to sharing effective wellness solutions and having a whole lot of fun along the way!”



Becoming a Joiya Wellness Advisor means bringing balance to your life by joining a community that emphasizes loving yourself first. By building your own business, you’ll not only have the opportunity to share wonderful wellness products, you’ll have the opportunity to change people’s lives.  

Meet Mikki

I am loving this chapter of my life with Joiya, developing sincere authentic relationships, empowering through experiences and educational moments. I am humbled and honored to connect and respond to my customer’s values and interests as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister and kindred spirit. I share Joiya as my little bottle of happiness, hope and abundant possibilities. Your destiny awaits, beautiful one…