Want to earn free product credit?

Customer Referral Program

As a Joiya customer, you can now earn free product just by sharing the JOI with others. Every Joiya customer has a shareable link and when you share with others and they shop through your link, you will earn 15% product credit on these purchases.

It adds up FAST!

For example, when someone shops through your referral link and purchases:

– 1 Sweet Mint Tincture and 1 Sleep Dietary Supplement Spray which totals $128.99, you earn $19.30 in product credit


– 1 bottle of Softgels and 2 Dietary Supplement Sprays, you will receive $22.20 in product credit.

With 2 of these customers, you have enough credits to get a Dietary Supplement Spray of your own. Another option is to save up your credits and put them towards a tincture or bigger purchase. 

How do I get my referral link?
Copy the URL from the Joiya website you are currently shopping on and add ?r= before your customer number.

Example: If your Wellness Advisor’s name is Mary Smith and her replicated site is https://joiya.life/MarySmith, then your Customer Referral Link will look like this: https://joiya.life/MarySmith?r=C0124.

How can I see my product credit?
  • Joiya customers can view and redeem their credits by logging into their joiya.life customer account and selecting MY ACCOUNT.
  • In the upper right hand corner, select MY SKYWALLET — PRODUCT CREDIT
When can I use my product credit?
The 15% product credit generated on all orders placed through your link before midnight EST Saturday, will be deposited into your account the following Tuesday.
How can I receive product credit?

You will receive product credit when any of your customers use their referral link. Product credit does not apply to personal orders, only when your referred customers use your link. 

Wellness Advisors are not eligible to participate in the Customer Referral Program nor anyone residing in the same household as a Joiya Wellness Advisor per our Household Policy_(42) in Policy and Procedures.