Solutions for your family.

As a lifestyle brand, Joiya enriches its customers with content, programming, and phytocannabinoid rich products.

What's Joi?

Our unique spelling of “joi” is indeed, intentional.  The change from “y” to “i” reflects that joi is a personal experience that starts with our own individual selves.  

Fundamentally, we don’t believe that happiness comes from a jar.  While our products provide numerous health benefits, coupling them with complete wellness is what drives physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  Our mission encourages daily moments of pause, reflection, and gratefulness for all the little things that, when added up, bring us “joi”.  

Our Vision

Joiya envisions inspiring communities where joi is discovered, experienced, and shared.

Our Mission

Lead the discovery of the true you by providing thoughtfully-crafted products enriched with CBD and supported with personal wellness content and programming.  

From our inception, we have been committed to building the type of company that our employees and Wellness Advisors can be proud of, evangelize, and never want to leave.  Under the leadership of our dedicated performance coach, Joiya has established an inclusive culture fueled by our values, long-term vision, and daily mission.  

Our Values

Joiya Leadership

Based in Atlanta, our experienced team of scientists, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals lead a comprehensive process that ensures that Joiya products are of the highest quality and effectiveness.  In addition, we have assembled a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of medical professionals and scientists that advise, counsel, and collaborate on formulations that lead to new, exclusive product innovations.