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Experiencing moments of joi that rejuvenate your passion and purpose.

Experience All the Goodness

Opening your heart to life’s simple pleasures through content, programming, and phytocannabinoid rich products that alleviate the volatility of life and empower you with a sense of balance, focus, and joi so that you can be the true you.

THC Free Softgels

Always on-the-go? Take this daily supplement with you for an extra boost.


Full Spectrum 500 mg Vanilla Tincture

Happiness doesn’t come in a bottle, but this is pretty close. Your sweet spot is just a couple drops away. 


Sleep Dietary Supplement Spray

Add an extra dose of relaxation to your nighttime routine. You’ll thank us in the morning. 

Thoughtfully-crafted, simple, and wholesome wellness applications of CBD that solve the basic needs of moms, dads, sons, daughters, pets, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.   

CBD for You & Me

Joiya carefully formulates effective products logically enriched with CBD and delivers them to customers through in-depth wellness programming and a community of social-selling advocates.

“While there are many years of trials yet to be done, CBD is showing great promise in the lives of those seeking relief from health issues not otherwise treated by traditional medications and methods.”

Dr. Meredith Langhorst, MD

Enrich, Guide, & Inspire

A Joiya Wellness Advisor is a local, trusted resource to lead you on your discovery of a CBD-enriched lifestyle.  Seeking answers or looking to join our national team?  Let’s chat.

Meet Diane, a Joiya Wellness Advisor

“I have been using CBD as part of my Wellness journey for nearly a year and I am making amazing progress. IT is amazing. But since my discovery of Joiya, my opinion has been so elevated from the taste to the quality to the total understanding of wellness. And did I mention the sleep? Ahhhhhh, the sleep, I am sleeping, the full wonderful night. I take the Sweet Mint tincture oil now (love the flavor) for joint pain, an auto immune issue, and general cannabinoid health. And, I love using the Sleep Spray. I also use the Clarity spray in the afternoons – really helps me stay focused. I eat right, walk about 5-7 miles a day, and try to stay on track with my wellness. Life is good.”

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